The Sharrow Remember Keith Hayman

Now one year on from the sad death of Keith Hayman, the Sharrow get ready for the annual Keith Hayman Memorial Ride to Bridlington which is to take place on 27/28 September 2014.image

Keith was a much-respected and active member of the club who tragically suffered a heart
attack on Ecclesall Road South while returning from a club run to Edale on Wednesday, 18 September 2013.  As a mark of respect it was decided to rename the Bridington trip in memory of Keith who attended the first reproduction of the ride historical ride to Bridlington in 2012. Back then the first objective of the club then was to ride to a cycle rally in Bridlington and to win the trophy for the club with the highest aggregate mileage travelling to the rally. Our history tells us that they were successful in this venture. Subsequent club records from 1963 show that Pete Webster set a record cycling from Sheffield to Bridlington in 3 hours and 4 minutes, which still stands today.

We are really pleased to have Keith’s son, Matt , attending this year. Fingers crossed for good weather and here’s hoping El Gringo’s Mexican restaurant is still in business!

Attending this year are;

Matt Hayman

Pete C



Gav Beaumont

Steve A

Steve H

Jack (the lad!)

David Goy

Jon Stubbs


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  1. Fingers crossed for last years weather few spaces left so if anyone not booked on fancies it get in touch soon same format as previous years support vehicle etc

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